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"NEVER FORSAKEN" is a monthly newsletter that focuses on members of the body of Christ who have a story to tell.  The articles shared are their personal testimonies of perseverance and overcoming trials, through faith in Jesus Christ and the written Word of God.


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"In SPIRIT and TRUTH" is a publication written to provide the reader with the hope that can be found in the good news of the gospel.  Each issue features a new inspirational article, sometimes with testimonies from those who have personally witnessed the power of God to transform lives... through the Word of God and the working of His Holy Spirit, to those who believe.


Check out the latest and past articles.  

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Have you ever considered where today's firmly held beliefs in the Christian church originated from? The Truth About That Tradition is a monthly publicaiton written for that purpose; to examine the history, orgins, and practices of some of the most popular church traditions, in an effort to separate Bible truths from the many religious myths.  

Check out the latest or past articles. 

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