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How To Study The Bible To Extract Truth and Sound Doctrine

By: Bishop Clarence Harris


HOW TO STUDY THE BIBLE TO EXTRACT TRUTH AND SOUND DOCTRINE is perhaps the greatest book ever written in defense of the biblical Christian faith, the equipping of Christians of all professions for ministry. Subtitled, the "Will and Last Testament of Jesus Christ" it fully discloses the will and purposes of God in order that all may know and do His will. It reveals: the concealed mysteries that are deeply embedded within the Jewish roots of scripture, the progressive former and current divine covenant, and God’s prophetic script concealed from the foundation of the world, but made known during the end times. 

How to study the Bible presents twenty-seven (27) methods to study the Bible in order to abstract biblical truths, uproot unscriptural cultural traditions, delivers one from intellectual cognitive dissonance, and helps one to discover irrefutable biblical sound doctrine. If one has questions about which Bible to use, which Jesus to believe in, or which Christian doctrines are accurate then this book is a must for you. It also helps one to eradicate any form of confusion created by many Western pseudo-scientific theories and establishes an accurate biblical definition for what is, and how to become, a biblical Christian. Hence, the day for understanding the Bible, its author, and the foundations from which it is based is here.  If one wants to know the truths of God’s word and deliver themselves from false biblical conclusions and denominational confusion as well as discover how to dispel false social, political, cultural, and religious movements then your antidote is here. How to Study the Bible is a must for believers and non-believers alike. 

Travel, teach, to instruct others with your copy and change the lives of others.

Every book you purchase allow us to spread the Gospel of the kingdom and fund Christian Education.

Every book purchased allows us to get books into hands of others for evangelism.

Purchase in bulk supply as gifts to others or designate purchased books to us to give to ministers and others on foreign soil.

Tribulation or Triumph? God's Plan Your Choice

By: Bishop Clarence Harris


Reveals how anti-Semitism, racism, and European cultural beliefs of superiority has blind the minds of those who try to interpret the Jewish prophetic books. This amazing book allows one to take aquantum leap, back to where few have ever gone before. That is, back to the Jewish roots of the Christian faith for an accurate depiction of the Book of Revelation. Thus, allowing one to acquire a First Century Jewish apostolic perspective of the End Times. It also reveals how Jesus Christ will have a triumphant church during the Tribulation period to deliver both Natural and Spiritual Israel from their unbelief, sins, and sectarian rebellious practices. Apparently, these truths have been hidden from Western scholars and theologians, because unknowingly, they are oftentimes members of MysteryBabylon through their secret societies and apostate Christian religious practices.


Tribulation or Triumph was written for the serious Bible student as-well-as for the unbelieving skeptic. This prophetic thriller is not fiction it isn ow becoming historical fact every day as it brings forth the concealed Old Testament typological truths and bring them forward as New a Testament revealed prophetic script. 

Salvation The Bible Way

By: Bishop Clarence Harris


SALVATION THE BIBLE WAY is a systematic Old Testament and New Testament study manual on the historical typological roots of Biblical Salvation. In short, it was written in an apologetic manner, showing how the Blood, the Water, and the Spirit was found as a heavenly pattern, which was established on earth for deliverance (salvation) from the foundation of the world. From Adam to Christ, this progressive repetitious pattern is found in every covenant of deliverance including Noah, Moses twice, John the Baptist, and the Jewish apostles on the Day of Pentecost. Both the Law of the Old Testament and Grace of the New Testament were sealed with this mandated patterned. Furthermore, even Christ Himself submitted to and revealed the Spirit, the Water, and the Blood. This document is a legal brief whereby all 45,000 church denominations and sects of today can compare and contrast their doctrines with this divine pattern in order to test their salvation validity before it’s too, late and their congregants perish without knowing.

New Light For Old Paths

By: Althea M.  Harris


“New Light For The Old Paths” is an awesome work of literature, in FULL COLOR, for all ages, and can be given as a GIFT for any occasion. Althea M. Harris, captures the true essence of many of your favorite Bible stores of the Old and New Testaments, bringing them to life, in a creative poetic form. It is a must have for your family, your house of worship, or your library.

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